Customer Experience is the
New Marketing

When Wroe Alderson, father of modern marketing, introduced to the world the importance of market segmentation, niche marketing and branding; the computer as we know it was yet to be invented. By contrast, customer service would have existed for thousand of years by then, only to be overshadowed by its sexier cousin – ‘marketing’. Over the next five decades, marketing would have so eclipsed the customer as the focus of companies, that customer service was relegated to greetings and phone support. Save for some lights in this darkness, customer experience became transactional.

The Internet Changed That

Customer Experience is seeing a rebound in importance, as it rightly should. The world woke up to the fact that customers must rightly be at the heart of every organisation. And any organisation.

The internet, e-commerce (and mobile commerce) and social media has flattened the value proposition for brands. Products and services (and brands by extension) have become increasingly commoditised.

The key differentiator for most companies and all brands has shifted to customer experience. And there’s no turning back. Customer Experience is the new Marketing.

Who’s the best Judge of your
Customer Experience?

Your customers, of course!

That is why CXP Best Customer Experience Awards 2020™ is judged not by industry peers, ‘gurus’ or consultants, but by your own customers.

The result is not only an endorsement of your company as a leader in customer experience, but also an important feedback loop on your CX performance.