In a perfect world, you’d have the perfect business and no competition. But you don’t live in that perfect world. You live in an ever changing, ever evolving world where the behaviours and trends of your customers can shift with a single Instagram post or even before the end of a TikTok video.

Customers expects perfection. Being perfect does not make you special anymore. Going BEYOND perfect is. It’s your BIG BOLD IDEAS that put you where you are today.

Why you? Why does your customers choose you? A successful customer experience journey can only be measured by having an excellent understanding of your customers’ behaviour, and that is the most powerful marketing tool a business can have. What makes you STAND OUT beyond your competitors?

What are your methods and strategies that made your customers STAND UP and choose you? Today, customers wants to be heard. Having personalized experiences with minimal effort while businesses is able to maximize the value from every customer. Going above and BEYOND their expectations and also building a personal relationship to not only understand their needs but also solving their problems before it arises.

The CXP Best Customer Experience Awards gives a SHOUT OUT about your customer experience program and certifies you as a Customer Experience Professional.

The CXP Best Customer Experience Awards is the first and only regional awards for excellence in customer experience, as judged by your own customers.

Since its inception, the award program has been growing and established presence in 4 regions, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Participating as a nominee, judging is based on our most recent customer experience/marketing campaign, a summary report of your customer feedback surveys.



Have you gone beyond all expectations? Your customer experience campaign will be reviewed by a panel of judges which weighs 60% of the overall score and the remaining 40% is from your submitted customer survey report.

Submission of your customer experience/ marketing campaign survey report. If the report is not available, you will be required to use our CXP Velocity Model survey.

Tell your customer experience engagement story in presentation format in about 600-800 words, which includes;


Co-Founder and Director of Jari Jari Sdn Bhd
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Chair of President Council Member of SAMENTA
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Dean of the Faculty of Business and Finance of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
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Vice President, Business Development and Marketing of The Malaysian Insurance Institute
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Global Chief Human Resources Officer of TDCX
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Founder & President of World Gourmet
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Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) of Nilai University
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Dean of Sunway Business School
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Chief Executive Officer of Inspire Group Asia
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BE International Marketing Sdn Bhd

Coway (Malaysia)
Sdn Bhd

Cuckoo International (MAL) Sdn Bhd

DHL Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Hamel Marketing
Sdn bhd

Jie Business
Sdn Bhd

KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital

Multimedia University

Nivea Malaysia

Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn Bhd

Sdn Bhd

Telekom Malaysia

Top Glove
Corporation Bhd

Thriving Talents
Sdn Bhd

Tune Protect Group Berhad

Zurich Malaysia




Datin Dr. Jeanette Tambakau, a distinguished individual renowned for her notable accomplishments, began her journey as a former Miss Malaysia Young International and Miss Malaysia Photogenic. Today, she stands as an influential figure in the field of women’s development and empowerment activism. With a vision that has earned her numerous accolades in the Spa & Wellness industry, she holds prominent positions in various organizations, including:
1. Co-Founder and Director of Jari Jari Sdn Bhd.
2. Director of DHT Holdings Sdn Bhd.
3. Co Founder and Director of Bamboo Ent Sdn Bhd.
4. Founder and President of the Association Sabah of Social Entrepreneurs & Eco Development (SEED).
5. Past President and Head of Community Development for SWEPA.
6. Immediate Past President of the Association of Malaysian Spa.
7. Chairwoman of the Board of ISO Standard National Level for the Spa & Wellness Industry, Malaysia.
8. Board Member of the National Spa Council, Malaysia
9. Adjunct Professor at University Kelantan Malaysia 2021-2023
10. Country Ambassador for World Wellness Tourism 2022-2023
11. Country Ambassador for World Digital Detox Day 2023
12. Certified International Professional Leader of Oxbridge Institute of Professional Development – UK (OIPD) 2022.
13. Professional Specialist Doctorate (Dr.S) of Oxbridge Institute of Professional Development – UK (OIPD) 2023.

Datin Dr. Tambakau’s accomplishments extend to her commitment to volunteer work, mentorship, and successful fundraising projects aimed at uplifting marginalized communities. She firmly believes that empowering women is the most potent tool for development.

One of her significant contributions lies in her sustainable and renewable energy initiatives in rural areas of Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia, through the Barefoot Solar Project. Partnering with Barefoot College, this endeavor empowers women from impoverished villages, providing them with skills to install, maintain, and repair solar equipment without the need for formal education. Under her guidance and collaboration with national and international organizations, the project enabled Grandmothers to receive training as solar engineers, known as the Solar Mamas.

In addition to her efforts in sustainable energy, Datin Dr. Tambakau spearheads vocational and socio-economic programs aimed at empowering women with livelihood skills in agriculture, sewing, stingless bee harvesting, environmental stewardship, micro-enterprise skills, and financial management. These initiatives foster self-reliance and sustainable rural communities, resulting in increased productivity and higher income for the women involved.

Her dedication and impact have not gone unnoticed, as she has received several prestigious awards, including:
1. “Bintang Ahli Mangku Negara” (A.M.N) bestowed by His Majesty Yang Di Pertuan Agong XIV in 2013.
2. “Global Sustainability Leadership Award 2015” at the World Sustainability Congress in Mauritius.
3. Women Super Achiever Award 2017 at the World Women Leadership Congress & Awards event in Mumbai, India.
4. STAR Golden Hearts Awards 2017 by the STAR Foundation.
5. “Social Entrepreneur Awards 2018” by Hospitality Platinum Award.
6. “Excellence Women Entrepreneur 2019” recognized by the Sabah state government.
7. “The Resilience 30 Women Awards 2022” by HAPA & Shanghai Media.

Datin Dr. Jeanette Tambakau’s dedication to women’s development and her remarkable achievements continue to leave a lasting impact on communities and individuals alike, inspiring positive change and sustainable growth.

1) Elected as Northern Region Chairman (2001 – 2007)
2) Elected National President (2008 – 2018)
3) Appointed immediate Past President (2020 -2023)

Currently in the Chair of President Council Member For the Term (2023 – 2026)

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Finance, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Associate Professor Dr. Au Yong Hui Nee holds a PhD degree in Technology Management from USM, a graduate of MA Economics from University of Tsukuba in Japan and Bachelor of Science (Honours) Resource Economics from UPM. She is the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Finance, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

She attended Impact Evaluation Methods Course at World Bank and Wildlife and People: Conflict and Conservation Course at the University of Oxford, and an excellent participant award from Biogas Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).

Dr. Au Yong has published over thirty articles in indexed journals and more than one hundred papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. She serves as a chief editor of China’s Belt and Road Initiative book published by World Scientific Publishing (Singapore), editor of Trends Journal of Sciences Research (USA), reviewer editor of Frontiers in Environmental Economics (Switzerland) and reviewer for more than twenty international indexed journals.

Dr. Au Yong was trained in commercial and investment banks. Prior to joining academia, she held managerial positions at Fortune 500 multinational corporations and a state agency. She has completed research and consulting projects for local and international clients (Japan, Pakistan and United Kingdom).

She has received over RM700K of research grants. She is a recipient of Japanese Government Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship, the Public Services Department Scholarship, MoHE MyPhD Scholarship, Malaysian Institute of Management Tun Razak Youth Leadership Award, best oral presentation award and best paper awards.

Awards & Titles

  • Miss Malaysia Fitness 2004 (Ms Personality)
  • Watson Health and Beauty Queen 2004 (Best Aerobic Performance and Miss Fitness)
  • Mrs Malaysia Planet 2013
  • Mrs Malaysia Petite 2015 Beauty Ambassador
  • Judge for Mrs Malaysia Universe (2016-2022)
  • Judge for Mrs Malaysia Planet (2016-2022)
  • Judge for Mrs Malaysia Petite (2016-2022)
  • Certified Brand Image Consultant


  • Doctor of Business Administration
    (Major in Strategic Planning)
    Graduated, July 2010
    Multimedia University of Malaysia
    Persiaran Cyberjaya,
    63100 Cyberjaya, Selangor.
  • Master of Business Administration
    (Major in Marketing)
    Graduated, September 2003
    University Putra Malaysia
    Jalan University 1, Serdang,
    43400 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
    (Major in General Management)

    Graduated, September 2003
    University Kebangsaan Malaysia
    43600 Bangi, Selangor.

Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Professional Diploma in Brandimage Consultancy (2014)
  • ISO 14001:2015 Internal Auditor Training (2017)
  • ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Training (2019)

Chee Gay is a business person and HR Icon in the HR world, a seasoned ‘C’ Level HR Professional. He has more than 25 years of experience in HR, manufacturing, IT, and supply chain, and this varied experience has enabled him to reinvent and transform HR outside-in during his career. He has managed diverse and large teams globally. He has held management and board positions at country, regional and global level over the years and is also a well-known global speaker. His key areas of focus include group-level HR transformation, talent acquisition, talent retention, talent development, building the best employer brand, digitized HR processes, data analytics, and strengthening operation excellence in HR for sustainable growth. Before joining TDCX, he was with AIA, Samsung, T-Systems, Astro, and Intel. He has been awarded Southeast Asia HR Icons , Asia Greatest CHRO , Most Influential HR Leader, National HR Leader of the Year and HR Professional of the Year. He is an appointed Adjunct Professor with UNITAR and an advisory panel member for CIPD Advisory Committees, Human Resources Online, SAP Advisory Board, RockBird Media, UNTI University, Management and Science University(MSU), and TARCollege University. He obtained his honors degree of Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) and MBA from University Science Malaysia. He is a qualified Chartered Fellow CIPD, 6 Sigma Black Belt, Lean, Design Thinking, Customer Operations Performance Centre(COPC), Project Management and Associate, Life Management Institute (ALMI).

She is a Malaysia-born Chinese of Hakka dialect clan. Her love for food has set her mind to promote the f&b industry by organising the World Top Gourmet Awards. She believes that giving recognition to deserving f&b operators can empower and elevate the standard & quality of food served to the diners.



  • China-ASEAN Top Business Award, Guangzhou
  • MCQ Malaysia Caritas Ambassador
  • Caring Heart Ambassador


  • Community Leadership CSR Excellence Award
  • Asia Top Leader Award
  • Beyond International Business Award


  • MFMPA Event Organiser Of The Year (Gourmet)
  • Achiever of Caring Society Award
  • Most Popular and Excellence Brand Award by China Media Network (CMN), Guangzhou


  • Shanghai Elite Entrepreneurs Book of Fame


  • Member of British Publishing House Ltd (BPH) – Successful People in Malaysia by Britishpedia

Designations & Appointments

  • World Gourmet. (2017-present) – Founder & President
  • World Influencers Network (WIN). (2018-present) – Founder
  • Malaysia China International Cultural Trade and Commercial Association. (2019) – Vice President
  • Malaysia Chinese Woman Entrepreneurs Association (MCWEA). (2020-present) – Assistant Treasurer
  • Beyond Lifestyle International Expo. (2019) – Gourmet Advisor
  • Club Master Chef Thailand. (2019) – Honorary Member
  • Association of Western Hemisphere and World Gastronomic Restaurateurs (AREGALA). (2022-present) Director, Malaysia Chapter
  • CIMB SME Centre of Excellence (CoE). (2022-present) – F&B Advisor

Prof. Dr. Sivakumar Velayutham is Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) at Nilai University. Previously, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Business, Hospitality, and Humanities at the same University. Prior to his service at Nilai University, he was Professor of Accounting at Charles Darwin University, Australia, and worked at a number of different universities in New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and the Sultanate of Oman.

Dean of Sunway Business School and Record Holder for “Youngest Professor” in the Malaysia Book of Records

Professor Lim Weng Marc is an award-winning multipotentialite who is ranked in the Top 2% of Scientists in the World based on the Science-wide Author Database developed by Stanford University. Professor Marc is also the Record Holder for “Youngest Professor” in the Malaysia Book of Records, and an Honoree of the Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians by Junior Chamber International. Professor Marc currently serves as the Dean of Sunway Business School, Editor in Chief of Global Business and Organizational Excellence, as well as Associate Editor for Journal of Business Research and Journal of Strategic Marketing. He is a disciplinary expert in consumer behavior and strategic marketing and a methodological expert in experimental and scientometrics research. He has published more than 100 manuscripts in journals ranked “A*” and “A” by the Australian Business Deans Council, including European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Journal of Consumer Marketing, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Product and Brand Management, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Marketing Theory, and Psychology and Marketing, among others. He has also led high-level public policy discussions at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the World Economic Forum, and worked on local and international projects with more than $10 million in grant monies. Keep in touch with him on social media at @limwengmarc.

Ulrika Brunner has served as a distinguished judge for the esteemed CXP Best Customer Experience Awards in the past.

She is the Chief Executive Officer for Inspire Group Asia.

Ulrika has more than 25 years of senior leadership experience from across Asia; within industries that include learning and development, accreditation, trading, publishing, FMCG, cosmetics and start-ups.

Her primary focus has been commercial management; expanding multiple new businesses and teams in Malaysia and across the region with her high-energy and positive attitude.

She is always keen for a new challenge and taking the lead in transformation that contributes to the advancement of the organisation, its bottom line and especially its team members.

At Inspire, Ulrika spearheads the development of Inspire Group’s Asia operation, leveraging its huge international successes to establish Inspire as market leader in life-changing learning and development in Malaysia and the region. This is a big challenge and requires strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills, positivity, energy and resilience; luckily all key attributes that Ulrika is committed to bringing to her every endeavour.